ThunderZee Inc.

Restore Charge:
        Based on the electrochemistry with ThunderZee's voltage charge pattern applied, the broken chemical bonds of electrolyte are restored so that battery capacity is restored.

Test result performed by the 3rd party

Speed Charge:
ThunderZee's speed charge can be customized (e.g. 40X) by our proprietary charging pattern and integrations of supercapacitors. Our speed charge core technology allow us to chage single battery (or cell) at 2X speed of current fastest CC-CV method (with no supercapacitor). Please ask for details.


Ultra-fast Rechargable Zinc-Air Battery:

Thunderzee's Zinc-Air Battery advantages:
  1. High energy density and High power
  2. Safe - non explosive and no burns
  3. Low cost - ThunderZee has no precious metal used
  4. Non-toxic to human body
  5. Enviremental friendly
  6. Ease of maintaince and longer life
   Prototype of Zinc-Air Battery - charging the cell phone